Welcome to the webpage for HST123/124, an Introduction to History course about women in Chinese history.

Where are the women in Chinese history? Men dominate the pages of most textbooks and surveys of Chinese history: emperors, generals and scholar-officials are the ones making history. Yet “Women hold up half the sky,” as Chairman Mao said, and there were female warriors, historians, poets, artists, rulers, and one even proclaimed herself “Emperor”. This course uncovers that hidden half of Chinese history. Using primary sources in translation, including many written by women, this course traces the story of women from the early traditional patriarchal society up to the twentieth century.

At the top of the page you find links to various pages. You can use these to navigate quickly through the site

  • Course schedule tells you every week what to prepare.
  • Assignments gives you a quick overview
  • General Resources takes you to a list of links and materials useful for East Asian history in general, there are sub-menus for items in the news and for a growing reading list (to be replaced by a Zotero Group Library)
  • As the course grows, your posts will automatically appear on the site as well!

Background image: Equestrienne, late 7th–early 8th century, earthenware with three-color glaze (h. 15 3/4 x w. 14 1/16 x d. 4 3/4 in.) (source)

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