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Welcome to the webpage for HST124, an Introduction to History course about women in Chinese history.
At the top of the page you find links to various pages. You can use these to navigate quickly through the site.

  • Class schedule tells you what to prepare for each class.
  • Digital Assignments links to the map and timeline we will construct in a collaborative project.
  • General Resources takes you to a list of links and materials useful for East Asian history in general.
  • Resources on Women in China takes you to a page with useful and interesting links to online resources for the study of gender and women in China, past and present.
  • In the News lists materials gives you materials that are noteworthy and/or connected to material we cover(ed) in class. Occasionally you can write a Primary Source Reflection on material from these postings. Pending developments in East Asia and China, I may ask you to write a reflection on selected materials from this category, instead of the regular primary source analysis.


(Click on the blue link at the start of each item, which will take you to the full announcement. New announcements appear at the top and include a date)

  • Wed. Feb 20: Class Canceled, snow day February 20, 2019
    The College is closed and all classes, including today’s HST124, are canceled. Class contents for today moves to Friday, Feb. 22. I will have an additional drop-in tutorial time on Thursday, Feb. 21, 1-2 PM. Keep warm and safe, and enjoy the snow and extra time. I recommend a mug of hot cocoa, and if anybody knows ...
  • Flu and other viruses February 7, 2019
    As you may be aware, it’s flu season and there are other nasty bugs doing the rounds. This is the advice we received from the College, to ensure we don’t get a repeat of the great flu-fest (or was it GI-bug fest?) from a few years ago: If you think you have the flu (sudden onset of ...
  • Lunar new year events: 1/28-2/4 January 26, 2019
    Various College organizations and student associations have come together to bring you another well-filled program of activities surrounding the Lunar New Year Celebrations. I’ll definitely be at the “International Tea Event”, hope to see you there or hear your feedback on attending other events!

Background image: Equestrienne, late 7th–early 8th century, earthenware with three-color glaze (h. 15 3/4 x w. 14 1/16 x d. 4 3/4 in.) (source)

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