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Here will appear items from around the web that caught my interest, but you can contribute, too. E-mail me a link and a brief explanation why you think the item needs to be included, and I will post it.

  • Women warriors in Chinese art
    Oxford University’s Ashmolean museum held an exhibition earlier this year on “A Century of Women in Chinese Art”, and there were a few blog posts to provide further context. This one is on “Women in martial arts“. Other posts in the series include “Women in Peking Opera” and “Women in the Cultural Revolution“.
  • China’s Forgotten Role in Western Second-Wave Feminism
    Interesting, quick read about the inspiration China provided after 1949 for feminists in the US: “China’s Forgotten Role in Western Second-Wave Feminism“
  • Everyday sexism in China
    Some examples of the every-day sexism women have to deal with in present-day China: a Chinese e-commerce company, which also sells cosmetics, had its new slogan backfire spectacularly. Read more in this article from the South China Morning Post
  • Women drivers stereotyped in China, too
    A bus accident this weekend in Chongqing lead to two fatalities: the bus crossed into the lane of oncoming traffic on a bridge, and after colliding with a passenger car, went through the railing and fell into the Yangtze River. But what this article highlights is the way internet sources were quick to put the blame ...
  • Song Yang, a Chinese immigrant in New York
    The sad story of Song Yang, a Chinese immigrant in New York, sheds some light on the plight of sex workers in Flushing, NY. A long read, but worthy of your time: NYTimes article “The Case of Jane Doe Ponytail“
  • Two recent online finds:
    I bumped into this the other day on Twitter- a thread about footbinding, and how male authors and historians have erased the memory about this practice from most creative writing, or history. Food for thought… Note: includes pictures. Review of Leta Hong Fincher’s new book Betraying Big Brother. (Plenty of other reviews around, too) The book is ...
  • China gives scholarship to Fiji female officer
    In connection with a brief tangent from our class last Tuesday, this news just came to my attention: the PRC has awarded a scholarship to a woman who is an officer in the Fiji navy. “Midshipwoman Esita Batiniqila… received her four-year scholarship to study Naval Ship Service Command and Naval Military Science from Da­lian University ...
  • #metoo in China: some recent articles
    The #metoo campaign, in which women use this hashtag to talk about experiences of sexual harassment and abuse and name abusers, has reached China. The struggles for Chinese women to be heard and believed have similarities, and also differences with the way the campaign has unfolded in the US. Here are two recent articles. (Be ...
  • Recent project about women working on/with/in China
    Nüvoices: “women writers’ and artists’ collective” is a recent project to bring to the fore the voices of women who “do interesting things in China”, worth a few moments of your time to explore in more detail!